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Spa Etiquette – Things to Know Before Your Spa Break

Often people are confused on various things when they visit a Spa like what to take with them and the dress code to be followed. To ensure that you take right clothing and items when you visit the spa centre ask spa owners, read blogs of beauticians posted online or try to find from friends often visiting spa.

Tips to Clear Your Confusion –

  • Take your own robe – If you are visiting the spa centre from your home, then you can pack your robe. However, if you wish to enjoy the treatment while you are travelling, then it is best to leave the robe at home as it occupies space. Normally, all spa centres provide fresh laundered robe for their customers.

  • Appropriate under garments to be worn – Mostly the undergarments to be taken or worn depends on the kind of spa treatment you are planning to go for. For example, in sauna you can wear swimming costume. For other kind of treatments, you can wear your undergarments, only you need to remove them when your therapist indicates while massaging or applying lotion. Always remember that they don’t ask customers to expose any part of the body if he/she declines.
  • Suitable foot wear – You can wear flip flops or your bathroom slippers which isn’t slippery. Outdoor shoes or dirty foot wear isn’t allowed in spa rooms as most of the customers walk bare foot when they go for spa treatment.
  • Safe keeping of your stuff – Often customers in any spa centre are unsure about keeping their stuff safe. It isn’t an issue to be stressed as most of the spa centres provide lockers for their customers to keep their stuff safe. Even though locker is provided to keep your items, it will be helpful not to bring valuable items or jewellery when you visit a spa.

While you are unsure of the things you can take to a spa, ask at the registration counter or the person responsible for customer care services of spa Sherbrooke.

A few items for you to take along while visiting spa centre:

  • Your bath robe if it isn’t heavy.
  • Towels
  • Fresh undergarments to be worn after the spa treatment.
  • Flip flops to be worn in slippery wet area.
  • Jacket or a jumper to be used if it is cold after having the spa treatment.
  • Swimming costume.
  • Basic toiletries.

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